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We launched our site in January 2021 and in a short period of time we managed to build our audience. is an independent portal with about 3000 page views and about 2000 unique visitors per day.

The independence of the portal gives us authority and credibility because we are not part of large media groups.

You want to promote your casino, a certain offer or to make a good impression with your site? You’ve come to the right place!

Casino Tipsters main cause is to prove that all of the above is possible. Heads up! We are here to help you brand your content.


Sponsored articles 

Desktop ImageMAIN SECTION: You get your article listed in our Latest News, Casino News and Gambling News, as well as advertising on our social networks. The articles are shown on the MAIN PAGE, as well as in the Sidebars on all other pages. 

Type of links: Dofollow Backlinks

Price: 50€/ per month 



Fixed positions 

In case you are not in the casino business and you have interesting products or services for advertising, Casino Tipsters gives you the opportunity to advertise on our site. 

Large Right BannerLarge Right Banner: The right sidebar is reserved for advertising. By selecting this package, we will place your banner on all our pages. When it comes to mobile optimization, it looks even better on phones because it takes up full-screen space. 

Dimensions: 300x600px 

Position on the portal: All pages 

Price: 50€/ per month 


Small Right BannerSmall Right Banner: The small right banner is also good for advertising. By purchasing this package, you get the top right position on all our pages. 

Dimensions: 300x600px  

Position on the portal: All pages  

Price: 40€/ per month 



Large Central BannerLarge Central Banner:  This banner appears on specific pages, which you choose. Its position can be at the top or bottom of the page. It depends on which page is in question. On casino lists, it goes down, on each other it can be placed at the top. 

Dimensions: 970x250px (or some with the similar dimensions) 

Position on the portal: Pages on request 

Price: 50€/ per month 



General Advertising T&C 

  1. The price list is applied from 01.02.2021.
  2. The client is responsible for the truthfulness and content of the ordered advertising space and guarantees that the delivered advertising materials have the right to use for advertising purposes. 
  3. The Client guarantees that it has regulated its obligation to third parties on the basis of copyright and other rights and that it will take over any claims of third parties. 
  4. Casino Tipsters is not responsible for the content of the advertiser’s banner and the accuracy of the information. 
  5. Leased advertising space is not allowed to be given to third parties unless otherwise agreed. 
  6. All prices and financial liabilities are in euros.
  7. Special positions and extraordinary banner formats – on request.


Technical Instructions 

  1. Acceptable banner entries: JPEG, GIF, HTML5, SCRIPT, MP4. 
  2. Along with the advertisement (banner), it is necessary to provide us with the exact link where it directs our visitors. 
  3. When ordering an advertisement (banner), Casino Tipsters will, if necessary, provide the client with technical instructions for creation. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at or via Skype: live:.cid.f7c2d534fc1078b3.