The vibrant city on Casino Planet, bustling with energy and technology is almost ready to open its doors to Swedish players.

Utilizing the most advanced technology and the most exciting games, this city that never sleeps is already available in markets such as UK, Canada, Austria, South Africa, Norway, India, and New Zealand.

Casino Planet will soon open its doors to players from Sweden offering 100 Bonus Spins on Adventures of Doubloon Island and a PayNPlay cashier. Watch this space!

Casino Planet
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Please gamble responsibly.

Joker’s Luck Deluxe is now available on all Genesis brands!

The Joker is out to play with Genesis Global a whole two weeks before anybody else in an exclusive collaboration with Skywind Group.

Players can enjoy a 97% RTP and extremely high volatility. Search for 3 golden symbols, each with 3 levels filling up their towers accordingly. Once one or more towers are full players can cash out the Cashpot straight to their balance. They just need to beware of the Red Joker since he resets it all to zero.


More about Casino Planet

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