T&Cs Apply
New customers only!

The wagering requirements for each of the bonuses are 35x.

Please gamble responsibly.

It is not news that Winota Online Casino takes care of its players and strives to provide quality content through promotions. This Tuesday is no exception, so a real treat is coming for all registered players!

Every player who deposits funds today (minimum 10€) to its account receives 100 FREE SPINS as a welcome bonus!

But that’s not all!

If you do not have an open account yet, register HERE immediately because 100% up to 500 € are waiting for you at the casino as an addition to the free spins!

This is another proof that Winota always thinks of its players – both new and old.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the other bonuses like Weekend Reload Bonus, Weekly Reload Bonus, Weekly Cashback and Live Show Cashback.

For even more enjoyment, visit Winota’s website to find more about the best bonuses and expect fun to remember!


More about Winota Casino

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